uniPHARM and Independent Pharmacists: Putting in Place the Kind of Pharmacy You Want

As an independent pharmacist, you want to meet your community’s pharmacy needs, increase your market share and have control of how you run your business.
For over 30 years, a growing family of innovative pharmacists, located throughout BC, Alberta and The Yukon, has been operating their businesses while benefiting from volume purchasing, efficient high tech delivery of pharmacy products, custom designed retail and professional strategies, and a supportive peer network that shares experiences, knowledge and philosophy. This collaborative infrastructure and vision allows you, as a community pharmacist, to do what you do best – look after the health of your patients. These pharmacists are shareholders in uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd. and many of them also belong to uniPHARM’s banner program, Medicine Centre Pharmacies.
Being a uniPHARM shareholder gives you the time to focus on your patients while increasing profitability. There has never been a more exciting time for independent pharmacy than right now. The direction is in your control. uniPHARM can help you fit together the pieces required to fulfill your pharmacy vision!