As an independent you may not have the time or resources to keep up to date on all the potential issues and activities that could affect your professional practice or business at any given time.  As a member of uniPHARM you can rest assured that we’re watching your back for you.  We’ve got you covered when it comes to ensuring that independent pharmacy has a strong voice at the table with the decision makers.  We are there speaking out on your behalf.  We are constantly monitoring government, private payer and other industry and health-related activities as they may pertain to pharmacy practice and your business. We maintain active participation in a variety of industry related organizations so that we have the most up to date intelligence to provide to you.  Some of the organizations in which we take an active role on behalf of independent pharmacy are the BC Pharmacy Association, Alberta Pharmacists’ Association and the Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management just to name a few.  As independents we may not always agree with these organizations but we’re there on your behalf fighting to ensure the long term viability and success of independent pharmacy.  In many cases we are even at the table when these pharmacy organizations meet with government. As a uniPHARM shareholder you can count on us to be there with your message when it counts!