Home Health Care — A Growing Market

 More than ever before, pharmacies are seeing a demand for Home Health Care products. Amid this heightened interest in quality of life, there is a growing population of customers who are more discerning about their health and their health care providers. With uniPHARM, you can enhance your position in this growing marketplace utilizing our expertise and wide range of support, mobility and wellness products.
uniPHARM is able to negotiate aggressive pricing by stocking more than 4500 home health care products. With better prices, you can be more competitive.
Other Home Health Care services include:
  • a unique internet-based Web Orders system that allows you to source, order and track shipments, and enables you to email product information, including images (without prices) directly to your patients
  • home health care experts for on-site training
 The key to success in home health care is up-to-date product and service knowledge. uniPHARM gives you that and more!