Providing Programs and Services

Using market knowledge and interpreting the needs of pharmacy customers, uniPHARM has created retail, business and promotional programs and services. These programs and services are designed to help you differentiate your pharmacy, customize your store and determine your niche to more effectively capture your market.
uniPHARM retail and business services include:
  • Pharmacy planning and design for new pharmacies or renovations
  • Merchandising and product selection
  • Marketing, community events and reward programs
  • Retail and business education
  • Human resources guidelines and recruitment assistance
  • Staff benefits program
  • Business merchant services
  • Operational, sales and inventory analysis
  • Financial and strategic planning and lease negotiations
uniPHARM has diversified marketing programs and tools for every size of store, from small clinic pharmacies to full-service community drug stores including:
  • Custom event flyers eg Grand Openings, Anniversaries etc.
  • End-aisle product offers
uniPHARM brings together the pieces you need to build the kind of pharmacy you want and provides the expertise to make it successful.