Supporting Professional Pharmacy Practice

In the end, professional practice comes down to values. At uniPHARM, we are all pharmacists who want to practice pharmacy using the best practices available. Our Board of Directors is made up of leading business owners/pharmacists who know what is happening in our industry, have the foresight to anticipate and take advantage of the opportunities, the flexibility to react to change and can effectively evaluate what new programs warrant implementation.
World class pharmacy practice requires collecting and evaluating massive amounts of information regarding professional practice. uniPHARM does this processing for you allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – looking after your customers.
Supporting Professional Pharmacy Practices with comprehensive resources specifically tailored at a world class level for independent pharmacists.

Saving Time and Money

As an independent pharmacist, your first concern is servicing customers. You know that establishing a good rapport and developing long term relationships with them are ultimately what will make your career satisfying and your pharmacy successful. But, you need the time to create these relationships. You save time with uniPHARM.
  • Our high tech delivery system ensures you get the products you need, when you need them.
  • All products are purchased from one place, with one order.
  • Your time is not wasted negotiating with multiple vendors.
  • Service is fast, friendly and reliable.
And, you save money with uniPHARM.
  • You have highly experienced professional buyers using the leverage of your colleague’s collective strength to negotiate the best wholesale prices over the broadest range of products.
  • Being a shareholder allows you to share the profits from your own wholesale purchases.
  • Having uniPHARM professionals available allows you to draw from a professional team without the costs or commitment of a long-term employee.
Being a uniPHARM shareholder gives you the time to focus on your customers while increasing profitability.

Working within a Peer to Peer Network

For independent pharmacists, joining uniPHARM means having access to a network of professionals available to discuss ideas, share experiences or simply to ask questions. uniPHARM attracts some of the region’s top pharmacists and the synergy that comes from these contacts nurtures:
  • a cooperative environment and overall philosophy
  • exceptional professional practice
  • collaborative ideas for program suggestions and development
Facilitated contact, numerous business and professional conferences and excellent pharmacy and business education opportunities connect uniPHARM shareholders to the best and brightest in pharmacy today.