Technology Services

Information technology is a key part of the uniPHARM organization.  It is used throughout our entire distribution system. From receiving your order through delivering the product to your door and providing information to you to assist the management of your pharmacy, technology plays an important role.
The uniPHARM Information Technology Department is focused on supporting and improving our internal systems: receiving, order entry, shipping, purchasing, retail services, financial accounting and customer service.
We also offer the following applications and services to our shareholder customers:

Web Ordering

uniPHARM’s Web Ordering service is an Internet-based tool to browse our inventory file, place electronic orders, inquire on invoices & statements and obtain a range of other types of information. The item information and availability are dynamically updated so that you will know what can be ordered.
Web Ordering runs on any Windows or Mac computer on Internet Explorer or Safari web browsers. It can be used on multiple computers on your internal computer network.

uniPHARM Corporate Web Sites

uniPHARM maintains corporate web sites for the benefit of our shareholders and customers. Our web sites are used for marketing and educational purposes and aim to enhance and reinforce our corporate image in the public's eye.

Pharmacy/POS Software Connectivity

Our distribution system can receive email orders from a variety of POS and Rx systems. We are eager to work with your software developer to build the necessary bridges to accept email and FTP orders from all Pharmacy and POS systems.